SNIPER Sniper motorcycle custom parts

[Made to order] Dax125/Dax125 full titanium muffler



List price 97,000 yen (tax included)

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Dax125/Dax125 Full Titanium Muffler SNIPER Sniper SP0166

This is a product of our affiliated company SNIPER Thailand, so it is not approved by JMCA.
In Japan, it is treated as a competition muffler that is not allowed on public roads.

Click here for a video of the exhaust sound

This product is made to order and the delivery time is approximately 2 to 3 months.
Once completed, we will deliver it via EMS airmail from overseas.

Compatible models
Dax125/Dax125/ST125 (22-) JB04

There are two types of muffler, so please specify when ordering.

Type to attach genuine muffler cover (silencer part only)
Type that does not include the genuine muffler cover

The type that attaches the genuine muffler cover has additional stays in 6 locations.

Please note that as this item is made to order, refunds are not possible due to cancellation.

please note
This product will be delivered by airmail EMS from overseas.
Usually, it can be delivered in about 1 week after shipping.
You will need to pay an import fee of approximately 1500 yen to the delivery person at the time of delivery.
Payment method for this product is only by bank transfer.

Delivery fee is included in the product price
Due to the system, when you place an order, shipping charges will be added temporarily and the order will be completed.
When we give you instructions on where to send the money, we will only charge you for the product price.