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Dax125/Dax125/ST125 back step black



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Dax125/Dax125/ST125 Back Step Black SNIPER SP0164BK

Compatible models
Dax125/Dax125/ST125 (22-) JB04

This product does not have a tandem step, so two people cannot ride on it.
Genuine muffler cannot be used (because the intermediate stay cannot be fixed)

Genuine brake hose and brake switch can be used
The left and right pedal tips can be changed in two positions.
The step bar uses a high grip type with grooves cut out by cutting.
The spindle has a built-in double bearing.

4 step position/reverse shift not possible
155mm Back / 10mm Up
155mm Back /22.5mm Up
167.5mm Back /10mm Up
167.5mm Back /22.5mm Up

Precautions regarding installation
Remove the intermediate clamp that secures the brake hose to the swing arm so that it can move easily.
After installing this product, please secure the brake hose to the swing arm with a tie wrap, etc.

The master cylinder reservoir tank cannot be fixed, so it must be changed to an aftermarket tankless kit.
When installing the tankless kit, air bleeding from the brake hose is required separately.

Please be sure to request installation by a qualified and experienced person such as a mechanic.
The item will be delivered in a temporarily assembled state, so please fully tighten the bolts.
Please also use thread locking agent to prevent bolts from loosening.
We also have some spare parts available.