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ZX-6R (98-99) Stainless steel mesh brake hose blue rear [KWR170]



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ZX-6R (98-99) Stainless steel mesh brake hose blue rear [KWR170]
This will be one for later use.

Compatible models
ZX-6R (98-99)
Mounting bolts are also included

It will be the same length as the genuine one.
If you specify, 5cm long, 10cm long, etc.
We can also provide your desired length up to 170cm.
Price is the same regardless of length

■Hose part
Stainless steel mesh hose with clear coat protection tube
The inner parts on both ends are caulking type.

■Fitting part
Outer diameter 13mm, made of aluminum, anodized
Compact shape makes it ideal for areas with limited installation space

■Banjo club
One side is straight/ST, the other is 20 degrees
Hole diameter 10mm, thickness 10.7mm, made of aluminum, anodized
Detachable and replaceable, and the twist angle can be adjusted during installation.
The banjo will be in a loosened state when delivered.

■Washer part
Made of copper, inner diameter 10mm, thickness 1mm

■Stainless steel mesh brake hose has a length of 20cm to 170cm
We offer 5 different lengths in 31cm increments.