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Z900RS aluminum fender removal kit



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Z900RS aluminum fender removal kit SNIPER SP0103K4

Compatible models
Z900RS (17-)
Z900RS CAFE (17-)

Aluminum parts other than the base plate, LED license plate light, and reflector are semi-polished.
Base plate is aluminum/black anodized blasted finish

Genuine turn signals can be installed
The width of the turn signal can be adjusted
The angle of the license plate and turn signal can be adjusted
LED license plate light and reflector can be adjusted by sliding up and down

Compatible with “number plate regulations” applied to newly registered vehicles
The angle of the license plate is optimized to 40 degrees.

License plate angle adjustment function
When the reflector surface is vertical, the license plate angle is 40 degrees.
The angle of the license plate can be optimized when changing the suspension, adjusting the vehicle height, or changing external links or tire size.

Genuine cargo hooks can also be installed at the same time.
When installing the loading hook, please do not use the included bush and bolt, but use the genuine bolt.

Regarding installation
Please be sure to request installation by a qualified and experienced person such as a mechanic.
The wiring for the LED number light is a bullet terminal.
It is not compatible with the genuine license plate light coupler, so wiring processing is required.
Use thread locking agent to prevent bolts from loosening.