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Aluminum brake lever guard green general purpose 17-19mm



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Aluminum brake lever guard green general purpose 17-19mm SNIPER SP0145GR_17

Aluminum brake lever guard General purpose SNIPER Sniper
Compatible with handlebars with inner diameter of 17mm-19mm

Brake lever guard required to be installed in races
Prevents the brake lever from touching the other vehicle when driving on a circuit etc.
The length of the guard part can be adjusted.Adjustment length: approx. 130mm-145mm
Compatible with MFJ competition rules

Functions as a hand guard to prevent brake lever malfunction in the event of contact on the street.
While it is a functional part with safety, it is also perfect for dressing up the area around the handle.

Course contents
Brake lever guard 1 piece
1 dedicated bar end

Precautions regarding installation
Installation is intended for those who have national certification maintenance qualifications.
If you do not have a mechanic qualification, please be sure to ask a qualified and experienced mechanic to do the work for you.
The item will be delivered in a temporarily assembled state, so please fully tighten the bolts.
Be sure to apply a compress with an anti-loosening agent to the set screw/enamel set.
Please be careful not to overtighten bolts as this may cause damage.
Please install it so that there is no interference when you squeeze the brake lever.
Please install so that there is no interference with the cowl or tank when turning the handlebar to the left or right.
Bolts may loosen due to vibration while driving, so please perform periodic inspections and retighten as necessary.