SNIPER Sniper motorcycle custom parts

YZF-R25 YZF-R3 (14-18) Aluminum separate handle kit



List price 17,600 yen (tax included)

YZF-R25 YZF-R3 (14-18) Aluminum Separate Handle Kit SNIPER Sniper SP0022B

Compatible models
YZF-R25 1WD/2WD (14-18)
YZF-R3 B02/BR5 (14-18)
Please note that it is not compatible with vehicles with inverted front fork suspension after the 2019 model year.

When installing the handle, it will be approximately 15mm lower than the original.
Fork bracket thickness 28mm
Handlebar outer diameter Φ22.2mm, length 230mm
Handle inner diameter 16mm
Handle hanging angle steplessly adjustable
Handle opening angle steplessly adjustable

Regarding installation
Please be sure to request installation by a qualified and experienced person such as a mechanic.
The handlebar is screwed into the handle bracket.
Please use thread locking agent to prevent the handlebar from loosening before installation.
There is no hole for the switch housing on the handlebar, so drilling is required.
Please install the front fork with a protrusion of 6mm.
Please be careful about the routing and cutting angle of the brake hose.
Here, in order to give more room for routing the brake hose after installation.
The brake hose is routed outside the top bridge clamp.
Please install with care to avoid interference with tanks and cowls.