SNIPER Sniper motorcycle custom parts

CBR250RR MC51 Aluminum separate handle black



List price 20,900 yen (tax included)

CBR250RR MC51 '17~ Aluminum separate handlebar kit SNIPER SP0078C

Compatible models CBR250RR MC51

Fork bracket thickness 28mm
Handlebar outer diameter Φ22.2mm, length 282mm/effective length 227mm
Height: 43mm from the top of the bracket to the top of the handle
Height: 32mm from top of bracket to center of handle
Offset approximately 5mm forward from the original
Handle inner diameter 16mm
Handle hanging angle steplessly adjustable
Handle opening angle steplessly adjustable

Regarding installation
Please be sure to request installation by a qualified and experienced person such as a mechanic.
As this is a race-specific item, drilling is required to install the handlebar switches.
Please pay attention to the routing and cutting angle of the brake hose when installing.
If the brake hose is strained, the brake hose needs to be replaced.
Please be careful of interference with tanks and cowls.