SNIPER Sniper motorcycle custom parts
Warranty terms and conditions for racing back steps
Warranty conditions
The applicant must have registered the fall warranty using our prescribed application form within one month after receiving the product.
The fall guarantee cannot be accepted unless the orderer or recipient and the applicant for the fall guarantee are the same person.
Applicants for fall protection must have a valid MFJ license or circuit license.
If you purchase from a website managed by another company or from a retailer, please also submit the delivery note from the place of purchase.

Warranty details
If this product is damaged due to a fall while driving on the circuit course, only the parts to repair the damaged part will be guaranteed and provided by mail.
We only provide repair parts for damaged parts, and we do not provide the complete set of this product.
We do not offer products that do not affect the original function of the step, such as scratches or dirt.

Warranty scope
Shift pedal, brake pedal, left and right step bars, left and right shift pegs - 1 set each within the warranty period (green part in the image)
Other parts within the warranty period Up to 3 sets each (colorless part in the image)

Detailed diagram of guaranteed parts
NINJA ZX-25R race back step reverse shift only
CBR250RR MC51 race back step reverse shift only
CBR250RR MC51 Race Back Step with Quick Shifter Reverse Shift Only
YZF-R25/YZF-R3 race back step reverse shift only
NINJA250 NINJA400 Race back step

Warranty period
The period of the fall guarantee is one year from the date of registration of the fall guarantee.
However, if the fall warranty is not used for one year after registration, the fall warranty will be automatically renewed every year and will be extended for up to 1 years.
If the warranty period has expired, repair parts can be provided for a fee.

Even within the warranty period, the following items are not covered by the warranty:
Damage other than falling while driving on the circuit course
If the original function of the step is not affected by scratches, dirt, etc.
Deterioration over time of each part, loss or falling off
If this product has been modified (removal of necessary parts, changing or adding parts for other car models or other companies' products, etc.)
If there is a mistake when applying for repair parts (such as a lack of photos that show the damage caused by the fall)
If our company's regulations do not allow for a fall guarantee

How to apply for repair parts
After registering for the fall guarantee, we will send you a registration confirmation email.
The registration confirmation email will contain the necessary information on how to apply for repair parts, so if you need a repair part, please apply by email.
At the time of application, you will need to take several photos showing the damage caused by the fall with this product attached to the vehicle body.
We may ask you to send us the damaged parts in order to check the damage condition.

Repair parts details
The color of the parts may vary slightly due to the characteristics of alumite treatment.
We may prepare parts whose shape etc. have changed due to changes in specifications or materials.

Race back step fall guarantee application form